The 8th EnKF Data Assimilation Workshop

Thanks to all participants

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Final discussion

The slides used for the final discussion are here.

Presentation slides and posters

To obtain the presentation files and posters, go under the "People/Abstracts" tab and look for the desired abstract by clicking on (one of) its author(s). A link to the presentation file will appear just above the abstract text.

Meeting schedule

The meeting schedule for the workshop.

About the workshop

This 8th workshop on EnKF emphasized atmospheric applications from convective to global scales, including hybrid, coupling and comparison to traditional variational methods.

Organizers: Peter Houtekamer & Fuqing Zhang

Meeting coordinator: Dominik Jacques

organizing committee:
Jeffrey Anderson , Craig Bishop , Massimo Bonavita , Kayo Ide , Lili Lei , Takemasa Miyoshi , ponathan Poterjoy , Glen Romine , Ryan Torn , Martin Weissmann , Jeff Whitaker , Ming Xue , Shu-Chih Yang ,

Keynote Speakers:
Geir Evensen
Jonathan Poterjoy


The workshop took place May 7-10, 2018.

Hotel information

The event is located at hotel Mont-Gabriel, approximately 60km North-West of Montreal. Click here for directions and transport options.