Group Members


Photo Andi Zuend

Dr. Andreas (Andi) Zuend, Associate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
He obtained his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), Switzerland, for his thesis conducted in the Atmospheric Chemistry group of Prof. Thomas Peter. His postdoctoral research was carried out at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the group of Prof. John H. Seinfeld and at ETH Zurich.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 809

PhD Students

Photo Dalrin Ampritta Amaladhasan

Dalrin Ampritta Amaladhasan, PhD student in Prof. Zuend's group since 2014.
Ampritta's current research involves the development of software tools for the automated classification of organic aerosol compounds' functional groups using cheminformatics API and incorporating it in structure–property predictive models, such as the AIOMFAC model. Her future research will focus on improving simulations of gas–particle partitioning of aerosol components using state-of-the-art chemical mechanisms with group contribution methods for vapor pressure estimation and particle-phase thermodynamics in a box model.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 844

Photo Camilo Serrano

Camilo Serrano Damha, PhD student in Prof. Zuend's group since 2019.
Camilo earned a BSc in Chemistry from McGill University where he was an intern in the Synthetic Organic Chemistry research group of Dr. Moitessier. He later obtained a BSc in Atmospheric Sciences from UQAM where he worked in the Climatology research group of Dr. Gachon. During his undergraduate studies, he developed a keen interest in atmospheric chemistry and physics. He joint our group in 2018, initially as a MSc student. His current research project involves improving the parameterization of physicochemical processes related to organic aerosols such as gas–particle partitioning and liquid–liquid phase separation in large-scale simulations of the atmosphere through incorporation of thermodynamic models into global and regional 3-D chemical transport models.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 834

Photo Xuehuan Hu

Xuehuan Hu, Joint PhD in Prof. Zuend's group since 2019.
Xuehuan comes from the School of Energy and Power Engineering at Beihang University in China. Xuehuan is funded by the China Scholarship Council, allowing her to join Prof. Zuend's group at McGill for two years during her PhD studies. Her previous work focused on the analysis of the nano- or micro-structure of particulate matter emitted from aircraft engines burning standard or alternative aviation fuel types. Her current and future research combines previous measurement work with the development of predictive aerosol models involving the numerical and experimental investigation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) from model systems targeting incomplete fuel combustion, including consideration of subsequent oxidation in the atmosphere. This collaborative research will help foster a molecular-based interpretation of the role of organic material mixed with soot in the activation of aerosol to cloud droplets.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 828

Photo Ryan Schmedding

Ryan Schmedding, PhD student in Prof. Zuend's group since 2020.
Ryan earned a BSPH in Environmental Health Science with Minors in Chemistry and Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2018. He went on to earn his MSc in Environmental Science and Engineering at UNC-Chapel Hill working with Prof. William Vizuete on research focused on modelling air pollution over North America. His current areas of research interest is on understanding the physical and chemical properties of aerosols and how they lead to the activation of cloud condensation nuclei.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 834

MSc Students

Photo Hang Yin

Hang Yin, MSc student in Prof. Zuend's group since 2019.
Hang graduated in 2019 with a BSc degree in Environment from McGill University with a focus on the domain Atmospheric Environment and Air Quality. She has joined our group for her MSc degree involving research on, among other things, the thermodynamic modelling of aqueous inorganic ions, including iodine and the carbonate–bicarbonate system, as well as their interactions with water and organic compounds – work leading to an extension of the AIOMFAC model. Prior to her MSc studies, she conducted undergraduate research as a McGill work–study student and as SURA student in our group.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 828

Photo Joe Lilek

Joe Lilek, MSc student in Prof. Zuend's group since 2019.
Joe's current research involves the development of improved viscosity and diffusivity models for aerosol inorganic–organic mixtures, with a focus on the viscosity contribution of inorganic salts. Joe received his Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas, where he completed a senior honors thesis under the supervision of Prof. Nathaniel Brunsell to simulate rudimentary clouds in the conceptual climate model Daisyworld. While at Kansas, he also completed a theatre minor and a semester abroad at the University of Reading in England. His professional background is in science outreach, and he is excited by projects that humanize science and reveal connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 725

Undergraduate Students

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Former Group Members

  • Dr. Kyle Gorkowski, a former Postdoc (2017 to 2019).
  • Natalie Gervasi, a former MSc student (graduated in 2019).
  • Alexandre Shanks, a former MSc student (graduated in 2018).
  • Jin Ma, a former PhD student.
  • Anthony Di Stefano, a former undergraduate student.
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