Q: How many are we?

A: Not many at all! Around 30 students, all facets combined (Major, Minor, etc). Such a small department makes it easier to stand out for an internship or to seek personal help.

Q: The books are expensive!

A: Yes we know. Check out RateMyProfessor.com to see if a textbook is mandatory or not – it depends on the teacher. There may be free sources online. Also, the library may have your book and some may be available for rent. Look for Facebook pages and make a post asking for a copy of the desired book. We also have a lot of textbooks in the student lounge available.

Q: Why are the elevators so slow?

A: We don’t know but we notice it sometimes skips the main floor. So try to get to the basement; it may come sooner. Sometimes elevators are down. You should receive an email from the AOS department if this is the case.

Q: You talk funny.

A: Here are some of our acronyms:
AOS/ATOC: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
CAOS: Council of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Graduate students council)
TAs: teaching assistants
AOSSUM: Atmospheric & Oceanic Science Society of Undergraduates at McGill

Q: When is Burnside building open?

A: The main doors are open from 7:00 to 22:00 weekdays. If you have a science ID you can always enter the North door outside of operating hours.

Q: What study spaces does AOSSUM have?

A: We have one large and newly renovated undergraduate lounge in Burnside Hall: room 711. For access, you need to be an undergrad in the AOS department. Email the President if you are having trouble accessing the lounge.

Q: What undergraduate opportunities are there?

See this website.

Q: I have suggestions! 

We have a feedback form, for ideas and equity concerns: