Weather Forecasting Club

The Weather Forecasting Club is a student-run organization that welcomes any weather enthusiasts within and outside of the AOS department. For more info, contact Yeechian Low (

The weekly meetings will be held remotely this school year using Zoom (link) on Monday 4:30-5:30 (or 5:45pm), though it will be delayed to 5pm for September 21 only.

For updates, join our Facebook group!


The WxChallenge is an online-based forecasting contest with ~1700 participants, including students, professors, and meteorologists in industry/government, with numerous schools throughout North America entering teams. We forecast the high and low temperature, total precipitation, and peak wind speed for 10 different cities throughout the year (plus the individual and team tournament cities at the end), changing cities every two weeks.  It is a great way to familiarize yourself with forecasting the weather if you haven’t done so before, or to brush up on your skills if you have. We need 5 dedicated forecasters to qualify for the team tournament at the end of the season, and there is no experience requirement for joining the team – all are welcome! The 2020-21 competition will begin on September 28; register here by September 26 at 8 PM EDT. Contact Yeechian Low ( for the registration key or for more information.

MAPLE Nowcast (courtesy of Prof. Frédéric Fabry’s radar research group)